25 August 2017

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. I almost didn't do this, because I somehow keep forgetting it's Friday. Hubby has been home with some medical issues for two weeks. Once he leaves, it will be Monday again. I think.
  2. My mom and I are scheduled to do micro-blading for our eyebrows next week. Have you done it or know someone who has? Advice? I know I'm pretty excited, because I am mostly pretty lax about personal grooming. Brows done for a couple years? Count me in!
  3. Today started out as great hoodie weather. Now I'm a little warm, but I feel like it would be wasteful to dirty another shirt. So hopefully it cools off again really soon.
  4. I'm kind of looking more and more forward to the kids going back to school. I keep feeling like I could get more writing done (catching up book reviews, Stitch Fix posts, KidPik posts, and Yelp reviews) if I had some time alone to focus. Oh, and I want to start doing some Posh-y YouTube videos too, but right now I KNOW I'd be photobombed by the five-year-old who wants to talk to everyone.
  5. I've spent the last couple months without slippers. In the hot summer, it was bearable (although I still don't like the feeling of the changing floor under my feet). Now that it's starting to cool off...we're gonna need some slippers up in here STAT.
  6. My daughter and I had an interesting experience at the grocery store the other day. Someone had hidden artichokes all over the store. There was one at the meat counter, one in with the chips, one mixed in with the sushi. It was rather amusing, especially since the first thing we'd put in our cart was the 'four for $5' artichokes. 
  7. Both of the kids are pleased with their teacher assignments. All of their options were teachers who have been with our school for years, so it really is coming down to just who else is in their class. And each of them has found one friend they already know in their class. Hopefully there will be even more familiar faces at the meet and greet this coming week, and when school starts the week after that. 
  8. I think we may have lost another fish to the great water beyond... The other neon tetra is not obviously seen, and he usually swims near the top. It was time to clean the aquarium anyway, but now I'm dreading bringing out another corpse. 
  9. We have retired the bird feeders to give the hanging flower baskets a better spot to get more sun and water (without me getting the hose out for them each day). I'd left the flower baskets sitting on the walkway so the sprinklers would get them while we were on the run the last couple weeks, and last night hubby put them on the hooks, and the empty bird feeders on the porch. I think it will work, til winter when the birds appreciate the seed more again.
  10. And speaking of our last grocery shopping trip, I get to have another artichoke tonight. Better yet? My daughter says she likes them, but is always full by the time we get to the heart. More for me!


Liz Parker said...

Okay, I had to look up microblading ... sounds interesting. I try to wax my eyebrows but am very bad at keeping up with it, lol.

Rachel said...

I've had waxing and threading, but never microblading. I'm with Liz, I need to look it up. BTW - I've only had artichokes in spinach and artichoke dip.

nadia de leon said...

We always have fun in our grocery trips though it would be more exciting if we find surprises too. Seeing the same items in their designated shelves have become boring. I need to make our grocery time more fun for my little boy!