12 May 2017

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. I need to have a good long sit-down with my calendar. I've been scheduling lots of summer stuff lately, but I'm starting to worry about it overlapping. I almost forgot the Memorial Day parade, and my daughter has been in that for YEARS!
  2. I finally put a UV filter in my aquarium. Some stuff I found said my 13-gallon shouldn't need one, but I've got algae that is obviously from the sun, and the algae eater starved because of it (I assume he starved. I assume he was a he. Anyway, I never found his corpse, so maybe he just moved to another tank?).
  3. It seems ridiculous, but I'm still cold. I think we might have hit 70 degrees yesterday, but I'm still cold to my bones.
  4. Sometimes I wish I could be as excitable as my kids. My son will not stop talking about the fact that we now have two Wii controllers. It's been almost two weeks, and this is still worth shouting from the rooftops for him.
  5. I've moved my laptop out of my office and back down to the kitchen. I kind of like hanging out with everyone else, when there isn't work I really need to 'focus' on most of the day. I can focus while everyone else is at work and school.
  6. What's for dinner tonight? There were a few posts floating around earlier in the week with taco salad, which sort of starting a taste for it for me. So that's what's here. Taco salad. The good stuff, with Doritos and Catalina dressing.
  7. I also need a simple-ish dessert to bring to a lunch on Sunday. I'm gone for an undetermined amount of time on Saturday, so I need something that I'll potentially be making on Sunday morning to take with us...
  8. Anyone have experience with butterfly bushes? That's what I want to replace our old icky shrubs with, right by our front porch. Hopefully next weekend.
  9. Have I mentioned lately how much I love my handheld Dyson that I got in late fall with my Posh Points? I can just carry it around and make little messes disappear. Good times.
  10. Anyone else have big plans coming up? I'm just ready for a good long nap. LOL


Mom Among Chaos said...

I keep my laptop in the kitchen as well. It's actually what I consider my desk. Happy Mother's Day.

Jenn said...

I have been thinking about buying a Dyson. I am so glad to hear you really like yours. I know no one that has bought one. Makes me feela little better before spending the money.

amberstarr82 said...

Butterfly bushes are so easy to take care of! You should definitely get one. They can get quite large though.

C.Mahan said...

I am still having cold days, too. What is up with that? Of course I saw next week is going to have some 80 days here in MI.

Ron Leyba said...

Ahhh, that long nap at your list makes perfect sense to me too! I need something like that too!