27 April 2017

Maggie's kidpik Box - April 2017

Kidpik apparently knows kids, or at least my kid! Maggie's fifth box was another keeper. And she is definitely turning out to be an accessory girl. Her new denim jacket from this box was on our list to go buy anyway, and the item she was next most excited about was her new purse. Let's take a look at all seven new items.

The first outfit shown is the ModTie Front Blouse (retail price $17.50) with the Super Soft Skinny pants in white (retail price $17.50), and the Jonni Braided Sandal in silver (retail price $17.50). Remember, we get 30% off of every item when we keep the whole box! The blouse is super pretty and fits just right. There is a white lining through the body of it as well. The pants taught her an awesome life lesson right away - white pants must be worn with underwear that is as close to your skin color as possible ;). Good information for the rest of life. Don't look too closely at the sandals. She likes them, but in our house there's a rule that girls must have their toenails polished before sandal season. When the box was received, it was still pretty chilly in Michigan, so we hadn't bothered with getting our feet pretty yet.

Okay, let's get those feet out of the way for a minute - hahah... Here's the same outfit, but she's added the Foldover Bag in ocean wave (retail price $12.50). She loved this purse the minute she saw it, even if she isn't at the point where she carries a purse each day yet. The color is beautiful and a bit shiny, and it has a super-fun tassle that matches the material. There's room to store treasure both in the zippered flap, or in the compartment covered by the flap (if that makes sense). I like that it isn't disproportionately large for a nine-year-old, but still has enough room to be practical.

The other outfit was actually my favorite, and although my photography skills caught it a little sideways, I think it's a great picture of Maggie. Here she's wearing the same sandals again, with the coveted Jean Jacket in phoenix (and all this time I thought denim was denim colored.... anyway, retail price is $22.50), with the Good Vibes Foil Tee in radiant orchid (retail price $12.50), and the Knit Skort in navy (retail price $9.50). I love this skort! The fabric is super soft and flowy, but since it's still a skort we don't have to worry about which way it's flowing. The color is a super dark navy, and I actually looked at the style card to make sure it was navy and not black while writing this post. The denim jacket has already gotten the most wear of anything in the box.

All items together had a retail value of $109.50, but with our 30% discount for keeping it all, we got all seven items for $76.65. I'm all about new clothes for each season, without even having to leave the house. She has worn everything from the box except the sandals (hopefully it will warm up for the summer soon!) and the skort, but looking at the card and remembering the skort is in her closet is definitely encouraging me to remind her how great it will go with the t-shirt and jacket as shown, or so many other things in her closet too!

We're still so happy with our kidpik boxes. Have you tried it yet?


Christina S. said...

She is just so stinking cute in those outfits. I've never heard of kidpik before!

Jenn said...

She is such a beautiful girl. I can't believe how fast she is growing up. I have not tried this, our girls are grown. But it would be a lot of fun for our nine year old granddaughter. She is all about her fashion.

DetroitDuchess said...

How fun they have a box like this for kids!