22 July 2016

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. Another hot day. After a vacation that ended up a bit chilly from time to time, I'm okay with it!
  2. And vacation - today does not feel like Friday at all! Having a weekend so soon after getting home (Tuesday night) feels like a real bonus!
  3. I feel like I have the potential to be really productive today. We'll see what happens. LOL
  4. Watch for my next book review coming soon. I'm still turning the book over in my mind. I reall liked it, but I'm not sure what I want to write just yet.
  5. So excited to go to the Perfectly Posh leadership conference next weekend!! And to really sweeten the pot, I get to go with my best friend <3
  6. I think I still have rice krispies treats packed in a big box in the garage from vacation. They're sounding like a really good breakfast right about now...
  7. Dang. I'm in the mood to go chill (literally) at the theater and see a movie with the kids, but I think our fundage is starting to run a little low for such an elaborate expedition. Hahaha... Why are the movies so expensive??
  8. The next project on my to-do list (besides that book review) is to do all the business reviews I can think of from our vacation, and post them up on Yelp.
  9. I can hardly believe summer is half over!!
  10. What else do I NEED to do this summer?? Please tell me what your 'summer isn't real until I ______' activity is!

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