15 March 2016

Bombfell - Box #2

Oh Bombfell, there's hope for you yet.

After hubby gave them his sincere review of the first box sent, he received a message back from someone in charge on the next business day. He was assigned to a more 'experienced' stylist, and issued a $30 credit toward a future purchase. Which meant he had to not cancel yet if he wanted a chance to use his credit. We decided to give them another try.
It didn't start off well. We got a postage due notice in our mailbox a couple weeks later. They wanted us to go pay $2 or something at the post office I hate dealing with - nevermind. They can send it back. And probably did. We got yet another box a couple weeks after that.
This box has potential.

These reviews would be much easier if Bombfell included style cards with the details for each item. All I'm working from is an invoice. There may be more in the online account, but that's not my department.

This is the Mavi Matt Mid-Rise pant in Army Twill. I really liked them on hubby, and he said they were comfortable, but he doesn't want to pay $98 for a pair of pants. It's definitely worth noting that they were also long enough, in contrast to the last pants he received. I was mildly amused that they include a little card saying that these are 'nice' pants (I forget their exact wording) and may be too long. If so you can take them to a local tailor to have the length corrected. Because I'm sure guys who don't want to spend money or buy clothes will totally be able to have stuff altered. But anyway...

The shirt in this picture is a Cutter & Buck in an XLT. I also really liked the fit of this on him. I'm pretty sure it would sign me up for ironing again (ugh), but he doesn't want a $100 shirt anyway.

This outfit features the same pants from above, with another of (I believe) the same shirt in a different pattern. Not much more to say. LOL

He looks pretty darn good in this outfit too, although our son didn't make him smile for this picture. I did start cutting the feet off again. I wanted ya'll to see how long the pants were, but I know I don't like seeing pictures of feet, so I usually cut them off.

Like I said, not too much to say about this picture. Sending both items back almost entirely on cost.

We've got to use up that $30 credit, right? This is another Cutter & Buck shirt, that we're keeping pretty much because it retails in the box for $49. It is a knit shirt, and the collar says something about dry-tek or whatever, so I'm thinking it may be a really nice summer shirt for the office.

Overall, Bombfell definitely improved, but I don't think hubby is necessarily their target market. We won't be ordering anymore boxes.

I am excited that StitchFix recently announced they were going to start doing styling for men, so I'll probably make him try that one when it rolls out. Hahaha...

We're also expecting a KidPik box for my daughter any day now. She is SO excited, and I'll be sure to share our review with you here.


Anonymous said...

What a way to buy clothing! They all looked good but I agree after paying $100 I don't want to have to alter them.

Dad of Divas said...

Looks like a great way to purchase clothes. Thanks for sharing. I had not hear of this company before!

GeekDad248 said...

My wife does a nice enough job picking out my clothes I don't believe I need to pay a company to send me a mystery box of things they think I might like ;-) Your husband did a nice job modeling - thumbs up! If you use any other services for him please post a review cause it was nice seeing you do a write up with a guy focus.

Mom Among Chaos said...

They did do a better job. I like what they picked out!