08 February 2016

Bombfell Review


I do a popular clothing subscription-type service for me, and LOVE it. Since my husband also leads a very busy life and doesn't especially enjoy clothes shopping, I talked him into trying Bombfell.com for his wardrobe needs.

I'm sorry, honey.

Their sign-up process was pretty much what I expected. They asked him about his measurements/sizes, style preferences, and what brands he already usually wore. Luckily there was no styling fee, so once he'd completed the survey questions, we eagerly waited for his box.

I was so excited when his box arrived. I quickly texted him that it was at home, and asked if he'd be coming home at the regular time so we could do a fashion show, like we do when my clothing boxes arrive. Once he got home, the fashion show commenced.

He received a pair of jeans and two button-down shirts - one long-sleeved, and one short-sleeved.
Overall, it was really good for a laugh. And laugh I did. Sorry again, honey. The pants were labeled as a 4" shorter inseam than he requested. Really? Who thought that would be a good idea?? Other than the ridiculously short length, they were all right, I supposed. As an aside, who really wears button-fly jeans anymore? Sort of a flashback to high school for us...

The shirt completely did not fit. My husband wears an XLT for shirts. The 'T' there stands for tall. Because he is. The shirt that Bombfell.com sent him? Is not tall. It's short. And tight. He's standing with his shoulders almost hunched over so he doesn't pop the buttons. I do the man's laundry. Every other shirt he owns is either an XL or an XLT, and they all fit around him comfortably. I have no idea how this shirt is an XL, and it definitely is not an XLT.

By the way - that's also not his happy face.

This picture shows his confused face, while modeling the same short pants, and another XL shirt that isn't. The lack of tall-ness shows really well in the sleeves of this one. I have no idea how a stylist looked at his previous sizes and measurements, and thought these things would fit him.

As my husband said in his follow-up review while telling them he wouldn't be keeping any of the three pieces they sent him - "This may be XL for my co-workers when I was working in Korea, but I am a 6'4", 245 lb autoworker from Detroit."

We really, really wanted a service for hubby that would be as convenient and fun as the one I've been using, but Bombfell.com is definitely not it.


Rachel said...

Oh boy, what a bummer! I wonder if it's men or women picking these clothes. They really boomed his order.

Bree said...

Well, that sucks. I wonder why they had him input his measurements if nothing they sent was going to fit.

The Non-Housewives said...

OMG I'm lol'ing. What a good sport your hubby is!

Ron Leyba said...

Not a very good experience then? hehe. Your hubby seems to be ALL GAME with this kind of fashion show or some sort of OOTD soon?

Mom Among Chaos said...

That is HILARIOUS! That would totally happen with my hubby. He is 6'3 and 250 plus has huge arms. Great post!

Unknown said...

I love that he did the fashion show! Sounds like it really bombed. Lol