11 December 2015

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. It's hard to believe Christmas is almost here! I just have a few more gifts to get, then I'll be more than ready to enjoy the week before Christmas off with both kids at home :)
  2. I love drinking out of my 'All I want for Christmas is BRAINS' zombie cup.
  3. One of our holiday decorations is a penguin with bells on him, that goes around a doorknob. He somehow got hung around the outside storm door. So I keep hearing bells and thinking it's deliveries. It usually isn't.
  4. Paper Source sent my two catalogs this month. I'm not sure if I should love them or hate them for this.
  5. I'm really enjoying getting back into crafting a bit more. I had a Close To My Heart meeting/workshop last weekend and didn't quite finish my projects. It's been so peaceful to clear off the kitchen table and work on them for a bit. One more hour should more than finish it all up and I'll be ready to share the results. 
  6. While I'm not usually known for my motivation, I'm strongly considering making cutout sugar cookies with the kids while Maggie is on break. LOVE having Christmas on a Friday. It's like we have a whole week to just chill at home away from the regular schedule before the holiday gets here.
  7. It's almost time to switch to my 2016 planner!! That's sort of exciting itself.
  8. I see a few more things from previous companies that need to leave my desk/office. Hopefully I can make a few bucks while unloading/decluttering...
  9. I've totally got the munchies, but nothing sounds like what I want. Maybe some popcorn and read a bit more of my book (probably a good plan, since I think my book is due back today or tomorrow!).
  10. Oops - I think we totally forgot to even mention St Nicholas Day this year! Maybe next year.. It was big in Germany when we were there, but I think we've fallen out of touch with a lot of our German peeps.


siteseer said...

It's Friday already?!

Liz Parker said...

What is St. Nicholas Day? (isn't Santa Claus St. Nick, technically?)

And the BRAINS cup sounds funny. Very Walking Dead-ish.

Jenn said...

BRAINS' zombie cup? Sounds fun. I too can not believe Christmas is almost here.

GeekDad248 said...

We rented out a bowling alley so my twins could have an awesome party celebrating their 7th birthday with all their classmates from school so Saturday should be exciting and fun but have to admit I'm not looking forward to signing the check to pay for it lol - that's my random thought for the day.

Ron Leyba said...

I want that Zombie cup too! . Would love to have it this Christmas.