24 November 2015

Reading Challenge - Book 25

I was sort of tricked into finishing this one really fast. I downloaded two books to take with me to baton competition last weekend. It turned out really lucky that I did - this book was only 100 pages, and I finished it easily during solos. If I hadn't downloaded two, I would have been sadly without reading material for half the day!

The 25th book I finished for the challenge this year satisfied item number 45 on the list: a book set during Christmas. In The Christmas Cookie Chronicles: Grace, Flynn is about to give birth to her first baby. We meet Flynn and her husband and learn a little about their difficult past. As is typical in books, love and Christmas overcome all obstacles and we move promptly to a 'happily-ever-after.'

I would be interested in reading more quick books from this series. The characters so far are warm and likable.

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siteseer said...

One good Christmas book per season. That's all I need. Look forward to traveling again and back to reading.