11 November 2015

Let's Talk Turkey

Thanksgiving is just two weeks and a day away. Hubby decided it was time for us to host again, so my mom and I have carefully crafted our menu for the big day.

Besides the bird (fresh, calling to order in a few minutes...), we're also planning on mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, dinner rolls, cauliflower, corny bread, and green bean casserole. We'll also do a relish tray and a fabulous cranberry/jello thing someone posted on Facebook, and the traditional cranberry stuff in the can. Desserts are up to our guests. Since pies stay cold, I won't need to budget stove/oven/pots & pans for them.

We've already got tables (thanks to my Close To My Heart business, I keep two long ones in the basement ready to go) and chairs (for the same reason).
Now at the two week mark I figure it's time for me to start inventorying our glasses, dishes, and linens. Flatware is fine, as I've got a whole extra set in the top of the closet.

I'm planning on the eclectic route for any missing glasses/stemware and dishes. We have some Ikea gift cards, so I'll take a count and head out there one afternoon to get what we're missing. I think Ikea also has linens, so I can pick up a couple tablecloths and some cloth napkins. Hopefully I'll find some cute napkin rings and decorative serving dishes too. Ikea may also be a safe bet for the few pots/pans that I'm short to have everything warm at once.

Whew! If you've done this before, what am I missing? What are your favorite dishes at a traditional Thanksgiving dinner?


Unknown said...

Sounds like you've got it under control. If you've got the space, I always like to set the table the night before. One less thing to worry about on the big day. Somebody usually wants sweet potatoes but otherwise your menu sounds a lot like ours. Good luck and remember to breath! Lol

siteseer said...

sounds yummy to me :) Look forward to celebrating with you

Rachel said...

My mom always hosts Thanksgiving, so I'm no help there. She mostly has a bunch of disposable products to simplify the cleanup.
My favorites are mashed potatoes and stovetop stuffing (shhh) - but my aunt's green bean casserole has grown on me over the years.

Ron Leyba said...

Turkey is a must for each and every table. Aside from that, we always got some new dish on the side to try out.

Nancy B said...

Big family meal is the best. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, no gifts or hoopla just family and good food. We always have sweet potatoes and my sister makes a great corn pudding that just seems to make the day perfect. Sounds like you have all under control - happy eating!