26 November 2015

12 Days of Christmas - Day Seven

So I finally got an idea for today, but I totally thought it would be easier to find online than it has been. See, I got one supposedly 'warm' outfit a few years ago when I agreed to go out skiing one time with hubby. And I went exactly one time. I think I've mentioned before how much I DON'T like being cold? Yeah. There are not enough clothes in existence to make me comfortable outside for an afternoon in winter.

But I do like the SmartWool socks we picked out for me then. Because they're cozy when I wear them inside. They're a big thicker than my regular socks too. And I want more. So I Googled SmartWool socks, and found about a billion different things, but only maybe three of them looked like they might be like my old socks, and I wasn't crazy about the patterns those were shown in. Maybe I'm that difficult to please, but I prefer to think I just don't know how to search for the skiing socks that hubby helped me pick out years ago.

I know they're SmartWool brand. I believe they're knee socks (they come to the middle/near the top of my calf). And they aren't obnoxiously patterned. I have plain-ish pink ones. I'm not big on decorative socks. Especially while my tennis shoes have an actual hole in the top of one of them. I feel my socks should be my business, primarily, and right now the world can see them. So I'd rather keep them understated. Plain-ish, that is.

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siteseer said...

They're socks lol. Find the right thickness and go crazy lol. Love you.