19 November 2015

12 Days of Christmas - Day One

Yes, it's time for my annual listing of 'gifts I'd like to receive.'

I do it as a service to you - so you're not left wondering what will make my heart sing. LOL And I suppose for me to actually narrow down what I'm wishing for. Here goes!

Brown boots. Knee-high-ish. They're to go with my new leggings. I have a black pair that are still working, but I need a pair in brown. These are cute, and a little different style from my black ones. I don't want anything too wintery-y, as I'll inevitably wear them in fall, and probably into spring. When it's a yucky day out, I wear my winter Sorels anyway.

This particular pair are from UGG, and I found them at Zappos. More than I'd typically spend on boots for myself, but I was mostly looking for a style pictures. I'd probably wear them in a size 8. I think.

Have you had any specific boots that you've LOVED (or HATED, for that matter?)? I don't get shoes or boots very often, so I can certainly take suggestions.

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Anonymous said...

I wish I could wear boots but wait I don't live in cold climates lol