07 October 2015

Movie Week!

Well, hubby is mostly caught up with time-sensitive car repairs (mostly, as I hear there are some ball-joints that need replacing coming our way next week..). So it means we get a bit of grown-up time after the kids are in bed, while he's in the house!

We've watched three movies this week, and I wanted to give you my take on them. We don't shy away from movies that look 'bad,' instead we relish the experience. Hahaha... If you have some movies that may be considered bad but you still think we should see, please let me know!

Hung: Adventuring is exactly what thou needst!
Joe: "Needst" is not a word.
Hung: Where we are, it is.
First up this week was the Knight's of Badassdom. As it began, Knight's was very reminiscent of Todd and the Book of Pure Evil (a Canadian series we  watched on Netflix, but a while ago). Now I kind of want to watch Todd again.

Anyway, I'm surprised Knight's was just made in 2013. It struck me as a 90-something film. We sat through the whole thing, and got a couple of chuckles and groans at the gore, but when it was over, my first comment was that this was a couple hours we'd never get back. I think we should have been enjoying a lot more alcohol to truly appreciate this movie.

Would I recommend it? Maybe, but just for time to kill.

The second movie we saw this week was 22 Jump Street with Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill. It was exactly what we expected. I laughed out loud several times, but usually because what they were doing was so freaking stupid.

I did like the interesting-ish twist at the end when it finally wasn't just like 21 Jump Street. LOL

Of course you want to see this, although everyone but me may have already seen it. Watch 21 Jump Street first, and then pencil in 23 Jump Street for when it comes out. Headquarters will move back across the street, to be next to the Korean church, and Schmidt and Jenko will once again prove that the good guys frequently win through sheer luck.

Our third movie this week was my Netflix pick, Election. As the opening credits rolled, hubby said I'd already seen this one. I don't remember it, but a lot has happened since its release in 1999.

Not sure why I sit here thinking now that I liked this one better than Knight's. Reese Witherspoon was cute (and OH so young!), and Matthew Broderick did a great job as a responsible teacher. The section toward the beginning about some previous indiscretions kind of made me legitimately angry about stupid adults making very bad choices, but overall the film was amusing.

Again, this is a fine movie to watch, but not for any real purpose.

Enjoy your movie-watching, and let me know if there's anything I HAVE to see!


Rachel said...

I've only heard of 22 Jump Street and I didn't see it. Thanks for your reviews. I love going to the theater, but have difficulty sitting at home to watch a movie.

Unknown said...

I can honestly say I haven't seen any of the three. (Yes I live under a rock...lol!)Your comments made me smile though because it made me think of my sister and brother in law, who love to watch old 80's and 90's movies, the worse the better, and the funnier they find them. I don't get the chance to watch a lot of movies so I tend to stick with the popular ones with good ratings.

Ashleigh @ Dash of Evans said...

We have been loving Last Man on Earth on Hulu--SO surprisingly funny. We're trying to catch up so we can watch the new season on Fox. We also love Difficult People on Hulu--also hilarious. I think I've seen election, but I can't remember it at all!

Jackie Vore said...

I really enjoyed 22 Jumpstreet and loved the hotel scene with the girl. Too funny. I'm so behind on TV/Movies I seriously need to catch up!

Jenn said...

We really liked 21 and 22 Jump Street. So funny! But, I am a sucker with pretty much any movie with Ice Cube.

DetroitDuchess said...

Election is a classic! I always watch it if it's on TV!

The Pulis Point of View said...

I hardly ever get the chance to watch movies! I didn't even know these existed. I love Reese Witherspoon and will have to check Election out!

Keikilani said...

I watched 21 Jump street with my hubby. Haven't seen 22 Jump street yet. Watching movies with my guy is the best!

Mom Among Chaos said...

Sounds like a great and relaxing movie week. I loved 21 Jump Street.