21 August 2015

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. I'm such a wuss sometimes. I see moms on my timeline posting about missing their kids at camp for a week. My daughter is going horseback riding for an afternoon with her grandma, and I'm a little edgy ;) I'm sure she'll be fine and I know she'll have SO much fun, but I really feel best when my kids are with me.
  2. The weather is starting to feel fall-ish in the mornings already. Which drives me nuts. While I love fall, I hate shaving my legs when it's cool out, just because it actually is going to warm up later.
  3. This weekend is the Kenny Chesney concert in Detroit! I got my tickets way back at the pre-sale, and now they're barely legible! But all I've got is what I've got. Hope the ticket checker has better eyesight than me!
  4. Anybody need some Posh? I'm getting closer to my goal this month! I'd love your support, and trust me, you would LOVE Perfectly Posh!
  5. I still need to pick a day to go to the Detroit Zoo next week! We've got tickets for both the zoo and the Dinosauria special attraction, but they're just good til September 7. In the interest of avoiding the weekend crowds, I think it'll just be me and the two kids next week. :)
  6. I'm not sure if the beginning of the summer was boring, but right now I feel like we're BUSY! We have the library party and I have the concert tomorrow, then next week we're looking at the zoo, Day Out with Thomas, a party at a friend's, and then Cedar Point! So much for making bedtime earlier to get ready for school starting a week or so after that ;)
  7. And the week after school starts is when my BFF comes to visit so we can drive to a conference together! Things are really sneaking up on me!
  8. Check out this fabulous fall craft roundup. So many cute ideas, and it also makes me glad I spend a lot of time on sites beside Pinterest - I might never make it out alive! LOL
  9. Hubby and I finished our latest TV series last week. It took us most of summer to watch House of Cards from the beginning til the end of season three. We've already watched Orange is the New Black, Sons of Anarchy, Breaking Bad, and Deadwood. What would you recommend next?
  10. Go out and make it a beautiful day!


Jackie @ RunwithJackabee said...

Thank you for the link back! I really appreciate it!! If you try any of the tutorials, please let me know and I'd be happy to share your link on my blog :)

Have you watched Game of Thrones yet? Or Downton Abbey? Two very different shows, but definitely on my top 10 list. Oh and Reign. That's a good one too.

Liz Parker said...

I'm watching Breaking Bad, currently! My boyfriend and I are on ep 5 in the last season, I believe. I assume you're watching on Netflix since you referenced OITNB?

I've heard Daredevil is good, I watched a few eps but then we started watching BB.

Anonymous said...

The wind down sure is busy!! Hope Maggie has fun on horseback. She loved the pony ride here.

GeekDad248 said...

I haven't watched any of Breaking Bad yet, from what I've heard of the show I want to but seems like it might be too big of a time commitment to try and go back and watch all the shows. We cancelled Netflix few years ago but now tempted to go back so I can see Daredevil and the other upcoming Marvel Comics series.

My weekend is doing yard work and some other chores - nothing too exciting or fun for me.