27 April 2015

Reading Challenge - Books Eight and Nine

While the first book I'm writing about took me about a week or so to finish, once I picked up the next one, I could hardly set it down til I'd finished it! So they both end up in the same post. ;)

The eight book I've finished this year fits in the ninth category on the reading list this year - a book by a female author. Meet Me at the Cupcake Cafe by Jenny Colgan was a fun read. The main character, Issy, was lovable and sure to succeed in the end. While highly predictable, it was still a very enjoyable book.

The recipes interspersed also sounded fun, and the personal comments added in as Gramps transcribed the recipes to Issy were amusing. If I was actually motivated enough to get in the kitchen and clear enough of a space to make cupcakes (and then have to deal with the resulting mess of that...), I would probably try the basic recipe given with the author's notes at the end. I do love a good cupcake!

The ninth book finished this year was the one that totally sucked me in. As I just commented to my husband, it's been a while since I've finished a whole book in two days. And it was a hard-copy book too! My mom gave it to me ages ago after most of her office read it first. Guilty Wives by James Patterson and David Ellis satisfied the tenth category on this year's reading list - a mystery or thriller. I think the only time I set the book down since I started reading was to call my mom and scold her for not having warned me about how the book would suck me in! Hahaha...

It was definitely an excellent mystery, with some details not completely revealed until the last few pages. I also love a book with short chapters, so when calls from nature or child emergencies arise, there's a clear spot to stop and do what you need to without completely losing the thread of what's going on.


siteseer said...

Glad you enjoyed it. I read a few like that this winter. I'll give you a few days before giving you more. Give you a chance to get some work done. But wait, you just finished some big projects on your to do list you deserved a good read.

Nancy said...

Gonna check this one out and also Lamb - looking for some new and different reads. One would think that I would have more time to read now that we are on the road - but I think we are busier than ever!