05 February 2015

Thankful Thursday

Rockin it with an old-school list of some things I'm thankful for this time :)

  1. My wonderful kids
  2. My husband for taking such good care of us
  3. My beautiful new (to me) Durango for getting me around in the snow. My beloved Charger would not have made it out yesterday.
  4. My book of life - otherwise known as my Erin Condren Life Planner. (And my address book, and notebook, and...)
  5. Books. Whether they're the old-fashioned kind that I need to find my reading glasses to see the words, or on my Kindle so I can just make the words as big as I need them, I still love reading.
  6. Good friends and neighbors
  7. Direct sales. Including my own businesses with Perfectly Posh and Dove Chocolate Discoveries, and just the concept in general. Direct sales provides the opportunity to work for the compensation you need. The more work you put in, the more rewards you'll see (and it's ages 16 and older, for Posh!).
  8. My brain. I try to appreciate that I'm intelligent enough to take care of myself and my family, and generally feel like I know what's going on. Maybe that's more confidence than intelligence, but I'll take it ;)
  9. My house and community. I admittedly HATED moving out here initially, but I soon realized that I'm very comfortable here. It's similar to the community I grew up in, so I quickly felt like I could fit in. As far as I can tell, I'd be content to stay put forever. And this time, I mean it.
  10. This blog. Holy cow. Since March 6, 2002. Please leave me a comment. Let me know someone is reading. How did you find me in the first place?


Unknown said...

Yes, I read - not all the time, but 10x more than I comment. Still can't believe you've replaced your beloved Charger, but then again, tis is Michigan.

Jodi said...

I read every now and then.... . I need to get back into blogging and blog hopping. Found you through our moms board!!