18 February 2015

Reading Challenge - Book 4

My fourth book read for the reading challenge was Pitch Perfect by Mickey Rapkin (to satisfy #3 on the list - A Book that Became a Movie).

I read it because I LOVE the movie and am very excited for part two of the movie to come out in a few months. The book was only a loose basis for the movie though.

I did get through the book, but it wasn't the fastest read I've picked up lately. The book Pitch Perfect was sort of a history of three prominent groups in college a capella - the Divisi (who the movie was loosely based on), the Hullabahoos, and the Beelzebubs.

While the history was interesting and I've noticed a few things in the movie that were incidents (or costumes) from the mentioned groups in the book, loving the movie really was not a good enough reason to read the book. Sort of. I'm glad I read the book, but I also like trivia and details. There were a LOT of characters, which made it a bit challenging to keep up with sometimes, but it was about the real people in the industry, so it isn't like we could have left people out, right?

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