27 February 2015

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. So. Done. With. Winter.
  2. Took the kids to the elementary school's Wacky Winter Adventure tonight. Jack was so excited to go to Maggie's school. :)
  3. Tomorrow is the truly busy day. Competition, then deliver Girl Scout cookies on our way downtown to see Monster Jam. And do the 'Party in the Pits' since we didn't last time.
  4. I do like my truck better while all this snow is, well, visible. But yesterday I drove clear to Cleveland, and there were frequent snow squalls on the way there. I could barely enjoy the day because I was so stressed out from the drive. If I'd known it would be that bad, I would not have gone. Seriously.
  5. How is it I've grown up in Michigan and somehow thought we'd have a break in the weather by late February?? I should have known better.
  6. Really glad hubby's home to drive us around again. Nothing stops him.
  7. Looking forward to summer road trips, so I can really enjoy my truck. :)
  8. I wish I could pick up my house and move to a warmer climate. And convince everyone I like near me to come along. Hahahahaha...
  9. I suppose it's only fair to mention that the drive back from Cleveland was completely uneventful, even though I drove straight through, convinced a blizzard was going to overcome me at any minute.
  10. And now I have a BUNCH of new Perfectly Posh goodies. Yay!!

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