13 November 2014

Built to Amaze!

And another fabulously fun trip to Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus is in the books :) We attended the Built To Amaze! show last night, and the whole family had a great time (well, at least Jack enjoyed the first half, before sleeping through the end).

I'm always a fan of the circus, so my enjoyment of last night's performance was already pretty certain. A few things I did notice were that the giant ball with way too many motorcycles was missing (but it usually made me nervous anyway, so I'm not sure that it's bad to not have them there), and the girls who hang by their hair didn't have an act this time (possibly because the accident months ago out east?). Anyway, my family loved the woman being shot out of the cannonball, and Maggie and I saw her on an elephant later in the show as well.

In all my excitement leading up to the circus, I got to hear an interesting story from a friend who had some insider experience with the circus - Miss Molly (of Romper Room fame, for those of you near the New York syndicate of the show) fondly recalls getting a pie in the face during a Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey circus at Madison Square Garden in NY. She shared with me a picture of her with some clowns on the White House lawn in the 1980s. I just think that is so cool!!

The circus is still at the Palace of Auburn Hills through this weekend, and there are great seats available.  Click here to purchase tickets for a Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey performance in your area!

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siteseer said...

So glad you all got to go and have a good time. I know we always enjoyed it as a family when you were a child