30 November 2014

12 Days of Christmas - Day 12

So daunting to pick just one more thing for Day 12!

I already have little ideas creeping around that may need to go in a 'stocking stuffers' idea list.

I keep coming back to thinking about clothes, but I can't possibly expect someone else to figure out what I want if  I can't find it myself, right? I love my hoodies, and I really like the sweater I posted earlier. I'll want either skinny pants/jeans or leggings to go with that tunic sweater, and possibly some other tunic tops/sweaters too.

Or new pots/pans, or dishes, or towels. Hmmmm...

Okay. While all of those are valid ideas (albeit without details), my 12th day request (hehehe) will be for a gift certificate for an experience I wouldn't pay for myself. The first two ideas to come to mind are a massage, or a night out at Painting with a Twist.

How's that for a creative finale? ;)

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So much of that is a personal thing