07 November 2014

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. I am glad a local radio station is playing holiday music. There, I said it.
  2. Today is the last day of a very busy week! I worked the elections, had a chocolate party, and have Maggie's first dress rehearsal for this year's baton competition season.
  3. Did I already mention that I'm thinking of doing my holiday wish list early this year? I have usually done it December 1 - 12, but if I wrap it up in November, then there's plenty of time to shop, right?
  4. I should be grocery shopping right now, but the little man fell asleep while I got cleaned up and ready to go...
  5. Oh! I'll be posting the winner for the Outback Steakhouse gift certificate later on this afternoon :)
  6. I think I burned my poor little finger putting on a nail decal as a test this morning. Ouch.
  7. I just realized I'm still looking at the package of Jack's three-year-old pictures on my desk. I haven't seen all of our family members to distribute them yet. Although I should totally have the name, date and age written on all of them. I think I'm about half way done.
  8. Do you get your series of things stuck in your head in a particular order? I need to do Jack's thank-you cards, but I planned to do it after going to the store. Now that Jack's sleeping, I should totally have gotten to work on the cards, but I stalled out, since I haven't been to the store. I know this, yet I'm still sitting here...
  9. Any other Sons of Anarchy fans?? Only four episodes left!
  10. I'm excited to start doing Dana Wilde's Ten Minutes Before Bedtime activity again. It is to help with goals, mantras, and positive thinking. I've done it before with great success and am eager to get back into the habit.

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