24 October 2014

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. Halloween season is in full swing! We've got two events done so far, with another tonight, one tomorrow, and two next week (including 'real' trick or treating!).
  2. Save the date! If you're in the metro Detroit area, you'll want to eat at Outback Steakhouse on November 6. First, because it means you don't have to cook! And the bonus is that when you eat at Outback Steakhouse on November 6, you automatically help the Detroit Zoo! I'll remind you again, and I'll also be giving away an Outback Steakhouse gift card to use another night.
  3. Anyone have experience with the Effortless Success Mindfest? It's a Jack Canfield training. I'm listening to the first week for free and loving it.
  4. I'm looking at two tall kitchen garbage bags full of empty gallon containers. I still need to look at Pinterest and figure out what cool project I should do with them. This is what happens when you start your aquarium with distilled water. :)
  5. I think I'm feeling crafty/motivated to actually make thank-you cards to send out from Jack's birthday party. I should totally put that on the calendar for one day next week. In ink. It has to get done one way or another before the end of the month.
  6. I sort of wish Halloween was in the summer. Or that I lived somewhere warmer. Most of my costume options are not warm or cozy, and I've reached the time of year when I'm perpetually cold. Maybe next year I can dress up as a Care Bear, in a giant bear suit with no exposed skin, just lots of fluff.
  7. Anyone local want to buy pies? It's time for our school's other fundraiser. Frozen pies from $12 - $17. Order by Nov 10th, delivery November 18th.
  8. I think I have a halloween decoration from a couple years ago that I never finished making. So now I ask myself - is it a priority to make it this year, or should I just find it in my office and pack it away for next year. You know, with the halloween stuff, so it will be handy and get done next year...
  9. By the way, I'm submitting a chocolate party this weekend. Here's the link: http://www.mydcdsite.com/publicstore/event/115054/EPS/default.aspx If you're local to me, feel free to ship with the show and I'll deliver. If you live anywhere else in the 50 states, find a friend to order with - the direct shipping to your door is totally reasonable if you split it with a friend.
  10. Enjoy your weekend! I spite of the fact that I'm cold, it is very pretty outside. I always love the look of autumn! 

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