22 September 2014

Youthful Perceptions

I had a great time at a party at a neighbor's house over the weekend, and several of her friends from her high school days were there. One of them was reminiscing about sitting out on the front porch talking with their friends, and not realizing her mother was listening. She said her mom finally joined in the conversation...by asking them what they were talking about.

They had been discussing 'blow jobs,' and her mom asked if you just blow, or what? Of course no one wanted to answer. And the assumption is that her mom of course knew, but wanted to see if the young girls actually knew! Hahahaha....

It reminded me of a conversation I remember having in my mom's kitchen when I was in fourth grade. I told her that two of my classmates had been caught French kissing. Of course she asked me what that meant. And my smarty-pants response was, "You know, with tongue," almost certainly accompanied by a waggle of my own tongue.

I'm pretty sure my mom knew what a French kiss was by the time she had two kids, but I sure thought she was in the dark that day!

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