11 July 2014

Car Girl?

Hubby and I were discussing how much we (well, especially 'I') love my car. It's still stock, but as she nears 100,000 miles on the odometer, I wonder if I shouldn't look at simple modifications. There's certainly no longer any sort of warranty to worry about.

Since it already offers the performance I want, maybe I could consider something like some konig wheels and rims. I've always heard my dad and brother, and later my hubby, comment on vehicles with after-market wheels. They can really make the car that anyone can drive off the lot look like a car someone has put more thought into.

Since my car is red, but obviously not new enough to be flashy anymore, I'd probably go with a simple black wheel. While a matte finish sounds more subtle, I always thought it somehow seemed to grab more attention when hubby had them on his car. So (remembering I still am actually a girl, so this probably isn't the 'real' description), I'm thinking a black sort of brushed finish, not too matte, but not too glossy? Make sense?

If you were to do something different with your wheels, what would it be?

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siteseer said...

I obviously have NO male hormones lol I just want a car that drives and is dependable... maybe a/c and heated seats when needed lol