27 June 2014

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. All my days are already running together, and we've been on summer break for one whopping week!
  2. Where have I been, eh?
  3. It's hot in here, but it feels wonderful. I still remember the long, cold winter. Vividly.
  4. I'm having an Usborne Books party tomorrow. Need any fantastic books? Order here.
  5. I also have a couple events I'll be promoting soon - one with a ticket giveaway! Welcome back - I'm ready to play :)
  6. I really, really love summer.
  7. I feel like I'm forgetting something. Hope it isn't too important.
  8. What's your favorite summer activity that you feel good about 'making' your kid(s) do? Maggie loves reading, and I encourage that a lot. I've also got her writing notes and cards to people.
  9. Jack's got an awesome new joke. If we ask him, "Do you love mommy?" (or anyone else in our family), he'll smirk and say, "No." Then we say, "WHAT??" and tickle him. Good times all around.
  10. As much as I sometimes feel like my brain may turn to mush being with kids all day, every day, there's nothing I'd rather do. My kids are fantastic little humans.


siteseer said...

they keep your brain sharp as you think of things to keep them busy and motivated :) enjoy your summer!

Anonymous said...

Summer goes by too fast. We must enjoy everything we can, the snow will fly too quickly! Tara S.