17 May 2014

Wedding Season

Wedding season has arrived!

It seems hubby and I are at that in-between stage where most of our friends are married, and they don't yet have kids getting married. But we did get to go to a wedding already this spring. My cousin's oldest daughter was married at the end of April.

While it wasn't a destination wedding in wilmington or anything really fancy, it was a fun night out, without our kids, surrounded by family and love. The best man delivered a wonderful speech that made us wish we knew the groom (more than just having met him at the wedding, that is).

And the food was delicious. We had both chicken and beef on our plates, and the steak was a great cut, wonderfully cooked. Too often, mass-prepared steak are cooked a little too much like shoe-leather for my liking. This one was juicy but hot through - perfect!

It was a fabulous wedding that *almost* made me wish we had a few more weddings to attend this season, til I remember how challenging finding child care can be ;) I had a relaxing night out with my husband, celebrating happiness, and creating more memories to last forever.

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siteseer said...

wish I could have been there :( Sounds like you had a great time :)