28 March 2014

Round One - Done!

Well, Jack has now had what I deem to be his first round of vaccines. And I'm so totally grateful that he appears to be no worse for the wear. See, I have friends who have personally witnessed their children or grandchildren regress immediately following vaccines. Especially the MMR, recommended at 18 months. My daughter had a vaccine reaction after a later shot (not her 18 month ones, and only a mild reaction of vomitting).

I think of myself as an anti-vaxxer, with vaccinated children. I believe in delayed and selective vaccines for my kids. I'll always have to sign a waiver with the schools and such, because my daughter didn't receive her HiB shot by 15 months. And since it isn't indicated after then, she never will get it.

I believe in the efficacy of vaccines, but not in the huge number of doses called for starting at birth. I worked with the information available from the CDC and the advice of other medical professionals, and yes, even anecdotal advice from other parents, and decided (with the support of my husband) what would work for our family. THAT is why I side with the anti-vaxxers. Medical care for your family should be primarily a private decision. Parents should be able to decide, with their doctor's help and support, what works best for them and their children.

While I like to close posts with a question, as I said earlier, vaccines are a personal decision. Your choices don't change or influence mine. If you choose to vaccinate according to the CDC schedule, then that's what's working for you and your family. If you choose not to, that's okay too, and I don't feel your children are 'endangering' mine. If you're somewhere in between, welcome to my club ;)

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siteseer said...

I followed all recommendations at the time (over 40 years ago!) After seeing a few questionable reactions I don't know if I'd do the same. But knowing me I probably would.... I'm such a rule follower lol