13 March 2014

Not. Pleased.

After school was canceled yesterday, I figured things were getting better since they headed back to class today. Hopefully in the rest of the world they are, but I couldn't get my car all the way out of the driveway.

Once it was backed into snow too deep for it to handle, I rocked it back and forth a few times before telling Maggie to get out and hoof it to the bus stop, quickly! Luckily one of the other neighbors who is always at the bus stop saw her walking and picked her up. She then waited in their car til the bus came. I love having great neighbors! I stood on the corner in my cow-print PJ pants to watch them all get on the bus.

Now I've emailed the head of our neighborhood association, and posted on our neighborhood Facebook page to say this is AWFUL. The main street definitely looks plowed. There are no tire tracks showing, so I think it's cleared better than just traffic would have done.

I suppose I'll get out again today with the snowblower and clear as far as the cord will reach. And hubby posted for a neighbor with a better winter car to PLEASE come drive up and down our street. I'm in the last house, so when/if I do need to get out, it'll still just be me blazing my own trail...

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