21 March 2014

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. My mind is going in twelve different directions today. I'll do my best to sum that into ten random thoughts ;)
  2. With as much travel as hubby has this month, I only really have three work days. But tomorrow is one of them. I have a chocolate tasting, then a quarter auction after that. I'm looking forward to both. 
  3. I'm also doing a fun game/giveaway on my chocolatier Facebook page. Sort of a March Madness spinoff using Dove products. A friend started doing it on her page, and she helped me get mine rolling too. Go play - you could win! Or at least help pick the winner ;)
  4. Only 40 days til our trip to Costa Rica!!!!!
  5. All my work to get done for tomorrow? Should really be done earlier than not. Maggie and I are also looking forward to going to a jewelry show at a friend's house tonight. You know, cuz I wasn't busy enough.
  6. I'm still plugging away at my Project Life scrapbook, but the blog hop I was previously participating in has gone kaput. I think I'll still plan on posting a couple week spreads either this weekend or next :) 
  7. Anyone else I know do Project Life?? You should! Way easier than old scrapbooking, and still fun to look back at the memories. The kids especially like looking through my books, and I'm really looking forward to sharing with my mom when she gets back home.
  8. Okay, it's time for me to get the lead out. First on my list is a shower, then a quick perusal of my kitchen, culminating in a trip to Target to get a few things I need to make up samples for tomorrow's in-home tasting. And maybe pretty packaging for my auction items for tomorrow night's event.
  9. I'm really glad Maggie's school is having a 'dine to donate' fundraiser on Monday night. The kids and I like BW3's, and not having to cook is always a win!
  10. Only two weeks til we leave for spring break! Florida, and Uncle Matt & Aunt Diana, here we come!

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