10 February 2014

Menu Plan Monday

Well, the winter is continuing with lots of evenings for just the kids and I while hubby teaches skiing and works on the race car, and I'm working or have other plans a couple nights this week too...

Here's what's left:

MONDAY: Just the kids and I, and I promised Maggie we could go shopping for belated Groundhog Day presents, so we may just grab fast food while we're out...

TUESDAY: I have a big chocolate tasting at a store a couple towns away, so they'll eat whatever daddy feeds them :)

WEDNESDAY: I found this Simply Great Chicken on Pinterest and I think it's time to give it a try :)

THURSDAY: Busy day! Hubby's teaching again, and Maggie's Daisy troop is doing an activity at the library in the evening. I think Maggie would be thrilled if I pick up ingredients for us to make our own pizzas before we go.

FRIDAY: Happy Valentine's Day! While I'd love to take advantage of the 'holiday' and payday to go out for dinner, everything is likely to be crowded... Sounds like I may need to browse Pinterest some more, unless you have suggestions?

1 comment:

siteseer said...

I hate when I'm that busy. good luck trying to stay in check this week lol