01 February 2014

In Search Of...

I keep searching and daydreaming about warmer weather. I'm looking at beach pictures, planning for my Costa Rica trip, googling affordable health insurance of north carolina, you know, just in case an opportunity presents itself.

I know I feel like I'm endlessly whining about the weather, but man, it is cold. I've seen news reports from Michigan showing it as the worst winter that I could actually remember. And now everyone has come to saying, "At least we won't have another one like THIS for a while." Really? Are you sure? Because I for one cannot take another one like this.

Nevermind flood insurance - can I get cold insurance that will put my family on a one way  plane to paradise if it's this bad again while I can still remember this winter??

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siteseer said...

every place has it's problems. So long as your furnace works you're okay. Too bad you have to go out in it. Of course, I say this from sunny AZ where it is in the 70's all week and will be going to the 90's by the end of the week. You got it right.... me the one that doesn't like the heat lol How ironic is that? lol