29 January 2014

Music Everywhere

Well, I'm on track to earn another tropical vacation from my chocolate job. ;)

Which of course leads, in my mind, to what to pack. I don't really care much about what to wear. I'm there to enjoy myself, not necessarily to impress (but sometimes I just can't help it ;D).

I need to decide what to pack from my music library. And to complicate matters, do I keep loading music to my Android phone, or should I use my iPod (which is really old) so I don't accidentally do something to use my phone while I'm on international roaming? I know not to use it, but somehow last time I ended up getting a warning that I was using it. Go figure.

So in my downtime from selling chocolate, I get to put my mind in beach mode and start picking my soundtrack. Go, me!!

1 comment:

siteseer said...

Dad always music or tv going and sometimes I just want QUIET! It is never silent here if he's awake lol