27 January 2014

Menu Plan Monday

I think it's just the kids and I for several meals this week, which usually means not a lot of actual cooking. The three of us don't consume much.

MONDAY: Chicken Helper. Some sort of ranch breading thing, with mashed potatoes.

TUESDAY: Chili. For lunch and dinner, incidentally.

WEDNESDAY: Nachos. Yet another meal that gives me a delicious leftover lunch. Go figure ;)

THURSDAY: Tortellini. And I may even throw a can of chicken in with it too.

FRIDAY: Daddy/Daughter date. And honestly? Not much makes Jack happier than Totinos pizza. How can I deny him that??

SATURDAY: Maggie and I have to go clear to Ida for competition with her baton team. Hopefully daddy will be okay with using one of our restaurant gift cards to go out for dinner.

SUNDAY: Maggie has a birthday party at the gymnastics place during the day. Not sure what sounds good for dinner yet. Especially since there's a payday between now and then. Maybe the grown-ups can have steaks while the short people have tube steaks. Except the part where the kids have really been liking eating MY steak lately...

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siteseer said...

everything sounds good to me... we've been going to dinners here at the park. Very inexpensive and complete home cooking goodness