30 January 2014

Always Redesigning

I can tell I'm old now when some (luckily not all...yet) of my daydreams and fantasies involve re-decorating and re-modeling.

The kitchen usually comes around in these thought meanderings. My longest term craving is a pull-out and lift sort of shelf for my Kitchen-Aid mixer. Right now, it's on a broken pull-out under my island. So I have to sit on the ground to pull it out, then pick it up to the counter. Ugh.

While it hasn't proven as much of a problem as I expected with a curious two-year-old, I'd like to find a better place for our trash can. Right now it's just out in the open. When I looked on a website to find pull out waste containers, there were many more attractive and safer solutions.


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siteseer said...

I've been having thoughts of redoing our middle bedroom.... hardwood floor, repaint and different furnishings. We are just dreaming right?