10 December 2013

The Not-As-Easy Christmas List

So I'm keeping up well on my own Christmas list this year. I know it sounds surprising, but I'm usually struggling by the end to come up with reasonable requests for more stuff I want. I like to lay out a really clear list, and I honestly appreciate getting the same concise list from others. If I'm spending my time and money getting something for someone, how much better do I feel if I KNOW it's EXACTLY what they want?

Hubby's list now is literally clipped out of the Harbor Freight sales flyer, but it wasn't so long ago that he mentioned things like guitar accessories and various studio accoutrements. I'm sure he'll come around someday and start asking again for guitar stands to replace the ones Maggie used to think were pets (yes, she even named them), and probably more stuff to manipulate music electronically. That's always fascinated me, and I love having someone like him in my life who knows how to do it.

What are the 'hot' musical gifts this year? Are your family members into playing music, or listening, or singing, or something else entirely? Inquiring minds want to know!

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siteseer said...

I love list too... it makes life so much simpler :)