07 December 2013

Seventh Day of Christmas - 2013

I desperately need new gloves again! I love these from Isotoner. They're pretty much the same ones I have from a couple years ago, but without the holes through the fingertips that are there now ;) I really like the nice thick knit - they were so cozy!

While I've linked to the Totes/Isotoner site, I think I saw them at Kohl's when I got them a couple years ago. And they've always got stuff on sale, too.

After the parade tonight in 11 degree weather, I just know I need more poor little fingers to be a little more protected this winter!

1 comment:

siteseer said...

WOW!! you have the new fangled kind lol The finger tips are open for use with electronics lol Wish I had unlimited funds... I would buy you everything!!! Absolutely EVERYTHING!!!! :)