13 December 2013

Monster Jam - Detroit - January 11!!

Yay! Monster Jam is just around the corner!

Since I've been reading with kids in Maggie's class, I've heard more than a couple stories about favorite trucks, from boys and girls alike. I always tell them that I really like Monster Mutt (a truck that looks like a dog, complete with big ears and tail!). I suppose my other favorite is Zombie, but I don't want to scare any kids who aren't used to a mom liking that sort of stuff ;)

Will you be going to Monster Jam in Detroit this year? It's January 11, kicking off with the pit party from 2pm - 5pm. You can use promo code MOM5 at Ticketmaster.com to save $5 on tickets to select performances.

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siteseer said...

can't remember if I commented on this one ... I won't be going to the Monster Truck event.. Have fun