30 November 2013

Paper, Paper, Paper

For so many enterprises trying to move toward a more 'paperless' existence, there sure is a lot of paper! Hahahaha... One of my monthly tasks is printing out the specials flyers for my hostesses and guests. Currently I order online, with the printing done and picked up at a local office supply store.

I used to use a mail order company. They were cheaper and still pretty quick. Unfortunately, they changed owners, and my last order from them was incorrect and smelled strongly of cigarette smoke. Ew.

I'd love to try a new mail order company! I just saw a mention of this cool site for printing, and as the weather gets colder and I dread hauling the baby in and out of the car just to pick up copies, I am feeling inspired to give them a try! I'll let you know how it goes. :)

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siteseer said...

that is pretty disgusting... that's why so many etsy businesses state that the home they were made in are smoke free.