15 November 2013

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. I totally should not be posting right now. I should be doing laundry (both machines are running...), lining up Maggie's make-up so we can be efficient in getting her ready at 4:30pm after school, showering, packing my stuff for my vendor event tonight...etc...etc...
  2. Just as a completely random aside, I probably shouldn't be trying to play Candy Crush while posting! Duh!
  3. Anyone else ready for spring? I hate getting out of bed because I have to leave the heated mattress pad. I'm now cold until I get my shower (yay for super hot water!), and then bundle up as much as possible...
  4. Today I made Maggie take off the sundress she was wearing over her jeans and t-shirt. It made her very sad. And now I'm starting off pretty sad too.
  5. So all of our busy-ness today is at least fun. I have a vendor event locally. I would love to have more parties closer to home! And most importantly today is Maggie's dress rehearsal for baton and pom pons. The competition is next week, but today is the local dress rehearsal and ice cream social. I would LOVE to be at that, but I reserved the other table before a date was set for the dress rehearsal. I will DEFINITELY be at competition next week!
  6. I truly appreciate my washer and dryer, but I wish there was a folding-and-putting-away machine. Just sayin...
  7. Just thought of a few more things for my to-do list: I want to go cut the ghost decorations out of the trees in the yard, and throw away the pumpkins. Throwing away the pumpkins Maggie and I colored sort of breaks my heart, but it must be done.
  8. On to Thanksgivikah and Christmas! 
  9. Poor Jack's laundry got moved up the list when he woke up this morning after an obvious nosebleed :( His face was smeared with it (of course), but it's on his crib sheet too, so that's got to get washed and dried so he can be comfy  in bed tonight.
  10. Tomorrow is a rather relaxing party here at home - yay! We have a LEGO duplo House Party! So a few other families are coming over and the little guys can explore with our new LEGOs while Maggie and the older girls play whatever they'd like :)

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