28 October 2013

Motivated Monday!

Yeah. I just totally made that up. I have a lot of stuff that's been stewing in my think tank that needs some action. Here's some of the things I will make progress on in the next week or so.

  • Send out gift cards to my team members who were active by October 15.
  • Send out a surprise gift to another team member ;)
  • Choose a winning team member from those who listed their bookings on our Facebook page for October.
  • Plan grocery shopping/menus starting November 1 (yes, that's this week!).
  • Scan/send water bill to tenants.
  • Pick up mail at the post office.
  • Start sending invites for '12 Days of Christmas' shows with Dove. Essentially, it's hosts choosing to do a catalog party in December, for which they'll get extra prizes (in addition to their regular host benefits). Want in? Anyone in the 48 contiguous states can do it - let me know :)
  • Find invites and work on list for my annual ornament exchange.
  • Finish planning my LEGO duplo House Party for November 16.
  • Keep working on my office (straightening and organizing).
  • Start a list of future blog posts for my new blog (details to follow ;) ).
  • Continually follow-up with all of my November and December chocolate hosts.
  • LAST swimming class tonight!

1 comment:

siteseer said...

Yea! to last swim class lol You always motivate me so... I just need to plan other things besides knitting lol :) I slowly get things done - after all, I do have an extra 40 hours / week now :)