23 August 2013

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. Watch yourself around our house. I hear Maggie frequently saying, "And... action!" downstairs, which means she's got her video camera going...
  2. Don't forget to enter the giveaway from a few days ago!
  3. My office is actually looking a bit better. For realz.
  4. I'm still amazed that people are not jumping on my Dove business kit coupons! I usually have two or three people join my team each month, but they haven't revealed themselves yet this month - and it's $30 less than usual (contact me for the necessary code)! Go figure...
  5. Maggie has big plans for today, but I've told her first she needs to finish the thank you cards from her birthday, finish cleaning her room, and take a bath. And yet, she's making movies. Ah, well... fun first, I guess ;)
  6. I'm excited to catch up with a few friends at my Jewel Kade party tomorrow! If you wanted to come but missed the Facebook invite, let me know! If you don't live near me but want some of this gorgeous jewelry, visit the link, shop away, and enter my name as hostess :)
  7. I can hardly believe there's only one more full week off before school starts. I really like having Maggie around.
  8. Comparing my August calendar to my September and October (as I add our community ed and enrichment stuff) looks like I had the month off! Now we're ready for a different kind of fun :)
  9. I hope Maggie loves school as much this year as she did last year.
  10. Well, time to bathe the kids and get ready for another productive and entertaining day.


Denise said...

Making movies? Love it. My kind of girl. Hopefully there will be more movie magic tomorrow ;)

siteseer said...

she should have brought her video stuff to camp