21 May 2013

They Say It's MY Birthday! - Post 3

This will come as a total shock, I'm sure, but mama still needs more clothes! If you know me, you'll know this isn't because I'm a clothes horse, but because I actually don't have much to choose from in my own closet.

Unfortunately, this post will be a bit boring for a spell, as blogger isn't in the mood to upload the pictures I got from a shopping site.

I want more jeans! I've decided I really like the L.A. Idol brand jeans (size 7, please). I want some capris and full length, but my biggest requirement is that they don't look 'distressed'. I'm too old to purposely buy jeans that don't look fresh and new. But I'm not too old for skinny jeans. Maybe. I go back and forth on that one. Right now, I'm willing to give them a try ;)

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siteseer said...

so where do you get these LA Idol jeans? You're like me in that I hate shopping. Tammy had to take me shopping for a bathing suit and we went everywhere but didn't find any. I was lucky to have found shoes.... my biggest nightmare because of my feet problems. I finally concluded that I have everything I need and if I don't have it I'll get it as I find it lol I HATE SHOPPING!!