13 May 2013


I have a confession. One of my feel-good, motivational things I purposely leave lying around is a boring old quarter. But if you remember all the state quarters that were really popular a few years ago, you'll appreciate this is the Missouri quarter. It has a picture of the St Louis arch, and it reminds me that in just a couple months I will be in St Louis with one of my dearest friends (okay, actually a whole lot of my friends, but one exceptionally special person I usually see once a year) at the Dove Chocolate Discoveries' National Conference. I can't wait!!

Are coins something special or lucky for you? Maybe you browse through golden eagle coins the way some people spend hours at a fabric store, or browsing through scrapbook supplies. I have an old Tootsie Roll bank around here somewhere with a bunch of coins which are special to me, but I don't know if they actually have any real value besides the one printed on them. They're either wheat pennies, or buffalo nickels, or dollar or half-dollar coins. Not necessarily collector's items, but unique and special to me.

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