14 April 2013

Stinky Job...

I feel so bad for hubby tonight. See, hubby is one of those folks who can hardly change a diaper without a breathing mask - he says they're all stinky enough to make him gag. Tonight? He's out in the driveway, by himself, painting the race car before this weekend's race. Yesterday the bottom half of the ar (all but the roof) was covered in plastic while they painted the roof red. Today every bit of the trunk, hood, doors, flexible stainless steel tubing, and anything else that shows is being painted white. Next come the fancy vinyl decals that will really show the car's theme for the fun part of the race.

The race they do isn't just about driving - the organizers of the Lemons series really try to make it fun all around. So a lot of thought is put into the theme and how to portray it. Some of the teams even invest in costumes and such to go along. I'll have to get hubby to do a guest post telling all about this year's theme.

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