22 April 2013

Has Spring FINALLY Sprung?

Ugh. I am SO tired of the cold. Today it finally hovered in the high 50s, and I saw someone near me post an extended forecast on Facebook - it looks like 70 may arrive within a week or so! I can't wait! Especially while I'm in charge of getting Maggie to and from the bus stop. I feel like I've hardly seen the neighbors since last fall. We all drive to the bus stop, pick up our charges, and drive back home. If it was just me I may consider walking a couple of no-snow, low-wind days, but it's still been too cold for baby Jack (although if the silly boy would just leave his mittens on...).

And if we're finally going to have some traditional spring/summer weather, I can quit daydreaming and Googling Port St Lucie Golf Homes. Who am I kidding? I can't imagine moving away from our families, but if winter and our cold spring hadn't finally stopped, I was getting ready to re-evaluate my priorities.

Okay, so I don't see 70 in the next five days, but 66 tomorrow?? Yay!!

What's your favorite season?Why? I honestly just hate to be cold, and as I get older things hurt more when the weather is yucky. Every place has air conditioning in the summer around here, so I'm much less likely to complain about the heat ;)

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siteseer said...

it was so nice yesterday (Monday) that I walked barefoot in the lake we were at. And this is Michigan!!! I also got quite a sunburn lol Happens every year, I just don't realize how sunny and beautiful it is or I just want to soak it all up