26 April 2013

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. BUSY! Busy. Ugh. Today during the day I need to pick up a few groceries (and check out shoes for Maggie while I'm there), I'd like to take a tub of stuff to the resale shop, and pack/prep for my chocolate tasting tonight. Tomorrow I need to drop Jack off at a friend's at 7:30AM so Maggie and I can be ready for the Pistons Dance Academy at 8:15AM. After that we'll probably have a mini-playdate with the friends we're going with, and then I need to get to the credit union (to deposit the checks from tonight's tasting, and get quarters for tomorrow night's event), and pack/prep for the evening's quartermania. And have all that done by 4PM when the sitter gets here. Whew!
  2. That's just the next two days. I really need to devote myself to lots of cleaning and prep on Sunday so I'm ready for the really crazy end of next week. I'm working at the International Womens' Expo in Novi, Michigan for two full days. Hoping to book lots of shows and grow my team!
  3. And I also need to put more gas in my car today. In the driveway. From the gas cans in the garage. 
  4. I am so desperate to get this done and get on with my day, it may get way more random in a hurry ;)
  5. Just had a GREAT conversation with another chocolatier who I'll be working with at the huge expo next week - can't wait!!
  6. Ten? Whose bright idea was it that I need to come up with 10??
  7. I need new topcoat for my nails when we hit the grocery store too. I want them to look nice again, but I'm out of my clear, fast-drying topcoat...
  8. In re-evaluating (before even leaving my desk), I may not make it to the resale shop today. Although I'd really like to. Never say never....I just need to pick up the pace!
  9. I'm so happy to see the sun! It looks beautiful out (even if it is still 35 degrees...).
  10. Made it to 10!! Go, me!! May all my other goals be met as promptly and successfully ;)

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siteseer said...

if you get time in the next couple of days make a list of things I can help you with when I'm at your house on Thursday ;)