05 March 2013

Taxes Be Gone!

I don't dread taxes like some people. I think the build up, for me, isn't atrocious because of the taxes, but because I am terrible about keeping my paperwork sorted up until then. So the day or two before our tax prep appointment are spent rifling frantically through my receipts - receipts for meetings, business dinners, st petersburg limos, conference hotels, flight info, supplies....

And after all the paper receipts are done? Then go through the whole year's emails and see what receipts might be in there. I usually end up distracted and start deleting all the 'maybe' emails with sales that ended months ago, or invites to events the previous January. Sound like I'm done and ready for a good night's sleep? Oh no.

The other major one for me is always a spreadsheet with all of my mileage tallies. I drive to parties, to office supply shops, to the post office, to deliver orders, to meetings, to the post office again, to meet with team members, to the credit union for deposits to the business account, and then to the bloody post office yet again. I think last year it all came to a little more than 3,000 miles.

So paying the actual taxes doesn't stress me out nearly as much as spending a mere couple of days figuring out if I actually 'made money' in tax language, and proving it. Ugh.

This year, I'm already more organized than I was at this time last year. I already have a growing pile of post office receipts after only two months. Go, me!

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