24 February 2013

Who Tricked Me??

I'm really not certain who was up to shenanigans last week at the resale shop..

Maggie was on winter break from school, so she said she wanted to go in to the resale shop where I was dropping off some old Jack clothes. She offered to stay with Jack in the play area, and she suggested that I could get a few things from the racks in her size and she would choose what to get. Since she needed another pair of pants and an Easter dress, I decided her plan was great.

I narrowed it down to three pairs of pants (she got to pick one), a dress and two skirts (she got to pick one of the three), and an Easter dress I knew she'd love, so it had no competition. She made her choices, and I left the things we wanted on the front counter while I re-hung the rejects and picked out a few things for Jack.

After browsing long enough to find an Easter outfit for Jack (girls are seriously so much more fun to shop for...), I went up to the counter to settle up on it all. On top of the pile of things we'd agreed on was a purse that had previously been hanging for sale next to the play area. At first I thought someone else had accidentally started covering my pile, until I glanced over and saw what a good job Maggie was doing with Jack.

I asked her if the purse was hers, and she said, "Well, sure!" It is a resale shop, so I decided I'd splurge and get her the $3.50 purse for being such a good helper, and so creative about knowing where to put the things she wanted to take home. Conniving, but creative.

The story got even more amusing the next day when I was re-telling it to her daddy and she looked confused. I asked her, "Didn't you add that purse to my pile?" Again, nothing but the confused look. After a few minutes, I'm coming around to thinking maybe it was intended for someone else's pile, or an employee thought it was a pile for some other purpose.

Did Maggie intend to get me to buy the purse, or did she just get really lucky from someone else's error? I suppose with the answers given by a five-year-old who could just be disguising her own guilt, or could be completely mystified by my questions, we'll never really know. But I am glad that she is so happy with a $3.50 purse.

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