18 February 2013

Menu Plan Monday

Here I am, cheating at practically the middle of Monday night again ;)

MONDAY: A very mild version of YOYO (You're on your own...). I browned up some taco meat, and made myself a plate of nachos (though I somehow forgot to use the beans I bought). Hubby and Maggie had tacos.

TUESDAY: There a very lonely half of a kielbasa in the fridge waiting to be paired with some shells and cheese.

WEDNESDAY: The kids and I are going to a meeting, and hubby has a late meeting at the office. I'll probably warm up some pizza rolls or something similar for the kids before we go.

THURSDAY: I found a cool looking chicken and stuffing thing on Pinterest that I'd like to try....

FRIDAY: I get to go out for dinner with a co-worker ;) A regional training is coming to our area to do a chocolate meeting on Saturday, so she and I (and anyone who wants to join us) are going out to eat, visit, and talk business.

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siteseer said...

I like to just have a menu of things that I have in the house and I choose when to fix what.... knowing what I have available. Chicken Divan tonight.... and tomorrow night... and last Sunday night.. yeah, one dish last a loooong time around here.