17 January 2013

Wait for Me!!

Things are finally coming back together. Am I the only one who feels like I suffered a 'holiday hangover'? I'm sure my trip just a couple weeks into the year didn't help either. But I'm working on finding my groove again.

I just got my new daily planner from erincondren.com. Love it! It is awesome for my day-to-day stuff. I love that it's broken down into morning, day, and night for each day. That is really how my life rolls, ya know? I didn't need hourly breakdowns, but I did need something besides the whole day looming in my face. Three loose time slots work for me! I'd love to have more organization for things like meal planning and keeping this silly blog active, so I'm checking into a few options. I figure I don't want to carry them everywhere like my book of life, so something I keep at the desk will work well. We'll see!

I've also decided (after my conference last weekend) that Michigan needs help for its chocolatiers! And since I'm the one no longer willing to deny it, I'm doing something about it. Starting this month, I'm offering a monthly meeting. I realize it's too far for some to come, but at least it's available. I've also reached out to our home office (haven't heard anything back yet...) in hopes of having some representation from them at an upcoming meeting. That always makes it more exciting :) Last but certainly not least, I'm trying to really work more closely with the chocolatiers on my team to help them build strong businesses that meet their goals, while keeping them confident of their success. Whoa, holy run-on sentence, batman.

And through it all, I feel that Maggie is getting a lot out of school and her other activities (Daisys and baton twirling), but Jack is mostly getting a lot of running around because of Maggie's activities. He's getting old enough to have some of his own gigs, right? He and I are going to make more of an effort to attend stuff together. I've put the library story times and playtimes in my fancy new daily planner (okay, I did find a few more library things for Maggie too). There was supposed to be a new local Kindermusik class starting close to my house, but I think it fell apart since I stopped hearing anything.

So how's your year shaping up??

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siteseer said...

I tried getting a planner for 'fitness' and 'menu planning', yeah, never filled in anything. Guess I just like to roll along.