10 December 2012

Weird Dreams

I couldn't figure out if it was a baby or a puppy crying the other night. Yeah, I think I might need more sleep. We've never even had a puppy, and I'd only been asleep for a couple hours.

I've also been imaging myself in odd life situations. One morning (at like 4AM), I thought I was late for work. What am I, an accountant or something?

It may be more understandable if I was at least dreaming, well, dreamable things! Does anyone dream for the monotony of a desk job? Okay, maybe some days ;) In all honesty, if I wasn't a married mom of two, there's a chance I could be an accountant. It was one of my first majors. Go figure.


siteseer said...

counting money isn't a bad job and a boring job isn't all bad either.... you get to leave it there every night.

Kristen said...

"One" of your "first majorS" ? How many did you have?